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Organize Your Sewing Room with Zip-Lock Bags

by Serena Smith

Clear Zip-Lock bags have a definite use in your sewing room! They can be used to organize threads, buttons, scraps, patterns and fabrics. Available in different sizes, these clear bags make organization so easy with a sealable closure.

Sort buttons, beads, sequins and crystals in smaller bags. They can be organized by color, type or size. When these items are placed in clear plastic bags, they are easy to find and stay together. Be sure to completely seal the bag shut, so the contents cannot be dumped.

Medium size bags are a great way to organize your sewing, quilting and embroidery threads. Sort threads by colors, keep variegated, metallic and specialty threads together. Seal water soluble thread in air tight zip-lock bags to keep the threads from slowly dissolving. Your threads will be quick and easy to find. Keep the thread and bobbin together in a bag for a continuous project you are working on. You won't have to hunt for the right color of thread and bobbin when you start and stop on a project.

Keep fabric scraps, remnants and pieces in zip-lock bags for short term use. This will keep them together and clean, ready for use. Store quilt blocks that you are working on in zip-lock bags. When shopping for thread or fabric color matches, place your fabric scrap or quilt block in a zip-lock bag. It will stay clean as you are looking for the right color and the raveling threads won't be all over in your purse.

Store stitched out embroidery designs in zip-lock bags. Make extra lace butterflies, 3D designs, paper dolls or designs stitched on felt for future use. Keep stitched out lace designs and flowers on hand to use when needed. Store water soluble stabilizers such as aqua film and badgemaster in zip-lock bags. These stabilizers will become stiff and brittle if exposed to air for long lengths of time.

Keep projects pieces, patterns and supplies together in a clear bag. If you are unable to finish the current project you are working on, pack it up - thread, fabric, supplies, etc., and store it in a zip-lock bag until you are able to finish it. This will keep all your supplies together so you will not have to hunt for everything; you can just start sewing. Keep cut quilt blocks, pieces and borders in plastic bags to keep the edges from raveling until they are ready to be attached to the quilt.


Serena Smith is an avid embroidery and quilting enthusiast living in Kansas. Creating new projects and sharing them with others through local classes and online lessons is one of her greatest joys. Visit her website, Embroidery Treasures, for fun projects, helpful tips, inspiration, notions, fabrics and embroidery supplies!

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2007 Serena Smith
Embroidery Treasures

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